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Wrapping Up Our 2017 Charitable Giving to ARC

2017 is in the books! We had a good year, although the first year of any new business is always a bit rocky.

As we’ve always said, this shirt business is more than a (second, third and fourth) job for us. It’s also fun and fulfilling to help make the world a little bit better.

We are learning and growing. While we cannot really pay ourselves anything yet, we still want to be true to our mission of giving to causes that will offset the effects of our broken democracy and failed leadership.

And so we will always donate 17.76% of proceeds after expenses (and in this case, before paying ourselves) to such a cause. For 2017, we chose American Refugee Committee.

And so, as in Quarter 1, the spirit of our commitment remains as strong as ever. Here is our donation for the remainder of 2017:
screen grab of email receipt for donation to ARC

Thanks, stay strong and #RESIST!

Erik & Annette

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