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Freedom Of Moo Design Contest / Collective Fundraising Project

Who: You and @DevinCow and Authentic American
What: Collectively designing t-shirts to benefit @DevinCow’s Defense Fund. 
When: Deadline for the first round of submissions is 11 p.m. Monday, April 29 Pacific Time. Winner will be announced Friday, May 3. 

Designs should have something to do with freedom of speech, @DevinCow, or Devin Nunes or something else appealing to tweeting liberal cows and those who love them. Keep it PG-13, please.

We will be sifting through your submissions, choosing 10  we believe would make a great tee shirt. @DevinCow will pick the winner from these 10. Enter as many times as you wish.

Profits from the sale of the winning design will be donated to @DevinCow’s Defense Fund until she no longer needs it. After she no longer needs it, profits will be directed to a non-profit of her choice. We’ll link to a run-down of the accounting from here.

Defending yourself in Federal Court is expensive and you probably are excited about supporting free speech causes in general. Let’s aMOOse folks with a great tee shirt and do some good at the same time.

Design Tips

1. Big and bold is better. You want to be able to understand the design when seen from across the room. Here is a big and bold design. You can look at the source files and a photo of the printed product here on GitHub. Click on the tee to buy one. Random liberals will identify themselves to you while you wear it, promise.

2. Short and simple is sweeter. You want the design to be something memorable that can be described in a few words.
3. Photos don't work. Unless you posterize them. Don‘t try to incorporate photos unless you’re a pro.
4. If you can do a sketch of the design on a post-it note with a large magic marker, you’re hitting all the important design tips.
5. The design is going to be printed on a colored fabric so think about how your design is going to look on different colors. As an extreme example of what not to do, don’t include lettering on a transparent background in all of the rainbow colors plus black, gray and white. We won’t be able to find a shirt to print it on.
6. Colors can’t be transparent. There can be transparent pixels, but a semi-transparent pixel will not look like you might expect.
7. Designs will be printed with an awesome inkjet process but should look good to you in CMYK.
8. Really small text won’t be legible. 
9. Huge areas of a single color might not look great – i.e don’t use a single color as a background. 

Design Specifications

1.  Deliver a 2400x3600px transparent PNG.

Contest Rules

1. You must create the design without violating anyone else’s intellectual property. Just because you found it on the web doesn’t mean it is yours to use.
2. You must be at least 18 years old.
3. By entering the contest, you agree (if you’re the winner) to give Authentic American exclusive rights to the design for a period of two years. You may include the design in your portfolio. We have to do this for many reasons, the most important to the fundraising effort is it allows us to send infringement notices to anywhere selling copycat versions that don’t benefit @DevinCow. And if people like your design, there will be copycats.
4. Compensation. We will send you one free Women’s Semi-fitted Tee or Men’s Tee shirt with your design on it. You can buy up to 10 additional garments for the cost of manufacturing and shipping.
5. To enter, email your design to freedomofmoo@authentic-american.com by 11 p.m. Monday, April 29.
6. By submitting an entry, you are agreeing to the contest rules and warrant and represent none of the material submitted infringes upon or otherwise violates the copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity or other intellectual or proprietary rights of any person or entity and that you have fully complied with these rules.

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