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@DevinCow-Approved Merch. WE ARE DEVIN COW

 Virtual Cowbells are donations to the defense fund and if you buy one, you’ll receive a @DevinCow hope bracelet to help you start conversations.

DevinCow and Authentic American Tees followed each other on Twitter before Devin Nunes’s childish lawsuit blew her follower count from 1400 to over half a million. As late night hosts lambasted the lawsuit, I put together the first @DevinCow designs and since, you’ve helped raise over $12K for her defense fund through sales of shirts on this site. Defending against a federal lawsuit, even a ridiculous one, costs tens of thousands of dollars. Nunes is also suing her in Virginia State courts. 

Here’s more information about Authentic American. TL;DR  I’m a computer programmer programmer by day. Since the the 2016 election I’ve been donating my skills and much of time helping liberals start conversations by wearing the light-hearted and empowering designs on this site. Until we return to a normal political state, all profits will continue to be donated to liberal causes.

The designs on this page are the most popular. There’s another page with more unpopular but tenderly hokey @DevinCow designs for those into that kind of thing.

#Resisting since 2016,
Erik Mattheis

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