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@DevinCow Donations

She Needs More Cowbell

It’s expensive to be a defendant in court! It’s even MOOOOOre expensive if you’re a cow; especially if you’re @DevinCow!

Catch up on the story of a congressman suing a punny Twitter cow here. Thankfully, there is an UDDERLY amazing way you can help…

You can now donate to the @DevinCow’s Defense Fund regardless of your citizenship. The fund is open to everyone and anyone interested in lending an ‘Old Cow Hand’ to @DevinCow. Please note that contributions are NOT tax- deductible and that 100% of your donation goes directly to the fund less our PayPal or credit card processing fees. For donations greater than $250.00, please email Erik at Be sure to put “Devin Cow Donation” in the subject line.

If you are a US citizen, you can also donate through Act Blue.

For confirmation that the fund is both legitimate and @DevinCow-approved, here are search results of the cow Tweeting about our help. For any additional questions, concerns or comments, please email Erik at

As thanks for your UDDERLY amazing support, you will receive a “I support @DevinCow” marbled black and white silicone wristband. Wear it proudly to show your UNBRIDLED support for this brave bovine!

I support @DevinCow Bracelet

Thanks much,

Erik Mattheis, Owner
Authentic American