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Fuck Trump Tee Shirts and Stickers

A simple white text on black material “FUCK TRUMP” was the first design that sold well here. My now ex-wife and I decided we didn’t want to be known as the Fuck Trump people, so we translated what we’d learned towards getting shirts with Resistance Kitty and John Adams in front of people. 

But really, what is more fulfilling of your desire to channel your liberal outrage than wearing a Fuck Trump shirt?

Maybe you live in an area requiring you to wear it as a pajama top, in which case you should check out the stealthier designs here, like 8645 or Girls Really Rule

And if you aren’t already a member of #TheMoovement, be sure to check out the @DevinCow designs. 17.76% of your purchase will be donated to The Cow’s defense fund, so please read up to spread awareness. Here’s Jimmy Kimmel’s primer on the topic.

Use coupon FIVE4FOUR when ordering five or more items to get one of them for free. Free shipping on orders over $40, otherwise you will be hit with a $3.50 shipping fee.