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About Authentic American

About Us

Authentic American was founded days after the stunning 2016 Presidential Election by Erik Mattheis and his wife at the time. We wanted to do something.

We were a fourty-ish feeling and looking 50 YO couple who loved getting exercise playing Pokémon Go around Saint Paul, MN. My wife had been buying print-on-demand Pokémon tee shirts. Print-on-demand means someone uploads files to a service that will print and mail your product when you get an order.

She was a graphic designer and I am a web developer, so we thought ’Hey, we can do that!’

Our first designs were immigrant pride themes. Authentic American originally referred to the proud wearers of our designs.

We went trough a couple printing partners, learned by our mistakes and figured out how to more often than not break even around the time we took back the House and demand for light-hearted anti-Trump t-shirts dropped. When we’ve come out ahead, we’ve donated 17.76% of profits to liberal causes, otherwise $50 to the designated non-profit for the quarter.

@DevinCow now gets 17.76% of sales. The goals for this business have always been to help liberals express themselves, support liberal non-profits if we did well and if the company really did well, to pay ourselves for the time we put in. 

I used to enjoy politics like many Americans enjoy sports, I am passionate about it but have fun at the same time. Lately it has been a mental health crisis. As self-prescribed therapy,  I spend almost all my otherwise free time with these empowering tee shirt designs, to express how I feel — and maybe how. you feel, too.

Our nation is already great. Although I’m an entrepreneur, I’m a hard-left liberal who believes my voice will best make actual change through working within the Democratic Party, or as we know it in Minnesota, the Democratic Farmer-Labor Party.

If you have any feedback, comments, questions, or just want to commiserate, get in touch! Email me at Or find me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


About the Tees

These tees are dreamed up and designed in Saint Paul, Minnesota. They’re printed by our partner, Teescape, headquartered in Princeton, Iowa.