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Defending oneself in federal court is expensive even if you are a cow. It’s a hard row to hoe. Especially if you are a cow.

Donations to @DevinCow’s Defense Fund are not tax-deductible. You do not have to be a U.S. citizen to donate and all of your donation, less the credit card or PayPal processing fee, goes to the fund. For donations greater than $250, please email Erik at people@authentic-american.com, including “DevinCow Donation” in the subject.

As a gift of appreciation for your generosity, we will mail you an “I support @DevinCow” ear-tag or if we are out of ear tags, a marbled black and white silicone wristband declaring “I support @DevinCow”.

I support @DevinCow Bracelet

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@DevinCow & Authentic American

Pre-loved Cowbell, $5

Bronze Cowbell, $25

Silver Cowbell, $100

Gold Cowbell, $250